When the Rift opened up, magic slipped into the world and with it, terrifying creatures with devastating powers. Fight with hoarders of dark creatures, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations!

In this Tower Defense game you have four basic towers, that can be further upgraded to more specialized ones. Customize them towers with up to 20 special abilities: Poison and Fire Arrows, Missiles and Bombs, Electricity and Arcane Magic and many more.

With over 50 upgrades and a mighty arsenal of magic spells, there is no end to the many strategies and choices available at your disposal!


4 Different Towers to defend your kingdom with, each with a unique research tree to make them even more powerful! Destroy the evil spirits with arrows from an Arrow Tower, blow them to pieces with a Mortar Tower or electrify them with a Tesla Tower.

Monsterpedia, useful for finding your enemies weaknesses!

Endless mode, Time to show the world who is the greatest!

Many hours of gameplay including ingame Achievements with rewards and also unique rewards for completing levels and different challenges.